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Thanks so much to Meg Travels for nominating my blog for the Super Sweet Award! It is always a nice honor to be recognized by other bloggers. These awards are fun ways to interact and discover new blogs. Please visit Meg Travels for some wonderful travel photos, especially of Italy. Need I say more?

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Without a doubt, chocolate

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In the afternoon

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Cape May Point Therapy

Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ

Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ

As I sadly watch the orange and red leaves swirl in the cool October winds, my thoughts return to a warm, sunny week in September…a peaceful time with perfect weather spent in Cape May Point, New Jersey. It was only a few weeks ago, yet it seems a distant memory now that we are well into October.

Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ

Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ

It is here where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. You could even say that time has slowed or, at the very least, left behind parts of this community with its Victorian homes and cottages from early 1900’s. Of course, modern houses dot the neighborhood here and there, but a strong sense of the past remains as evidenced by the community post office and general store.

General Store, Cape May Point, NJ

General Store, Cape May Point, NJ

Cape May Point, NJ  Post Office

Cape May Point, NJ Post Office

Sometimes it’s good to just let yourself “be” as I frequently did in this idyllic community along the Jersey shore. It was easy to feel completely contented rocking on the front porch or staring out at the ocean without a thought of the past or the future. Butterflies dotted the bushes in front of our cottage while an occasional dragonfly darted about. I was part of their world and they were part of mine. Being fully present in those magical moments of oneness felt calming and regenerative to me.

Butterfly, Cape May Point, NJ

Butterfly, Cape May Point, NJ

I urge you to make an appointment with yourself to go somewhere peaceful and relaxing for at least a few hours and “just be.” Focus on the present moment. Look, smell, feel, touch, maybe even taste.  It doesn’t have to be an exotic location; it can be a quiet retreat in your own home or yard.  The result can be as good as any medication, and it will regenerate your body, mind and spirit.

I look forward to sharing more of Cape May Point with you in future posts.