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Super Sweet Award

Thanks so much to Meg Travels for nominating my blog for the Super Sweet Award! It is always a nice honor to be recognized by other bloggers. These awards are fun ways to interact and discover new blogs. Please visit Meg Travels for some wonderful travel photos, especially of Italy. Need I say more?

Here are the rules for the Super Sweet Award:

1. Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you.

2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.

3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen (13) blogs.

Super Sweet questions:

1. Cookies or Cake?


2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Without a doubt, chocolate

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?


4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

In the afternoon

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?


Baker’s Dozen Nominees:

Thanks for all your wonderful blogs! I’m happy to nominate you for the Super Sweet Award. If you’ve already received this award or you don’t accept awards there’s no need to do anything further. Congratulations to all of you!

Everlasting Love of Flowers 


Milkshakes in Spring

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Simply Charming

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bottled worder




Beyond the Brush

The Hand-Written Life

Russel Ray Photos

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  1. Thank you again Shirley! And congratulations to you! Love your answers! 🙂 I agree – definitely chocolate! And brownies are one of my favorites! I have a major problem with coffee ice cream. I can’t have it in the house!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Shirley for your kind follow and now this sweet award! Wow…lovely!!
    Congratulations to you too! 🙂 *brownies, are the best!!

  3. Congratulations! Brownies for me too – they are the best. I used to bake them when I lived in Mexico and then I sold them on the beach.
    I always love it when blogs I follow get awards because then there’s a nice list of other interesting blogs to check out.

  4. […] thank Experiencing Life and Miss Erin Terese for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award, and A Writer’s Journey for nominating me for the Super Sweet Blogger Award.  I’ve accepted both of these awards […]

  5. […] A Writer’s Journey: Super Sweet Award…another long overdue shout out. Sheesh, I really need a secretary! […]

  6. Shirley, my long overdue award response..thanking you for a great year… …You made my 2012 wonderful. I am grateful. <3.

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