Photo Friday – Venice

A typical photo of lovely Venice. I literally had to pinch myself here to make sure I was totally aware of being in this famous, magnificent city…to know that this truly was the place that poets describe in such eloquent terms and where the dust of the ages hangs so heavily in the alleyways that I could literally feel the energy of the past.

Venice, Italy Copyright 2006 Shirley  Sorbello

Venice, Italy
Copyright 2006 Shirley Sorbello

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Venice

  1. Josephine Hayden

    I loved this picture reminds me too of when I was there. Thanks for the memories. Lv Jo

    Hope the birthday went well & have a Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Shirley Sorbello

      Happy you enjoyed the photo, Jo! I may do a feature on Venice with more photos sometime soon. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! Thanks for your comment! xxoo

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