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To Flow or Not to Flow


It’s happening again. I have an hour now to either write a blog post or do promotional activities. I struggle with this repeatedly, sometimes doing neither. For the most part, I don’t enjoy promotional activities. I can’t believe that someone who really loves to write truly does. Meaningful interaction with fellow writers, bloggers or fans is great, but it seems pointless to repeatedly promote my work on Facebook or Twitter and do all the other tasks that so-called professionals tell me I should do to achieve success.

I grew up driven, thinking it was important to have goals with carefully outlined steps to achieve them…maybe even a timetable. In some cases, this worked very well; other times the path was fraught with difficulty. I’ve noticed along the way that resistance, obstacles and delays seem to occur when the goal I’ve chosen, or the pathway designed to achieve it, may not be the right one for me. Or, it could be that it’s simply not the right time for it to happen.

I’m older now and have realized that often things work better if I relax and go with the flow. The original goals may adjust or even change, but the end results I am guided to are even better. I believe that in following the path of least resistance and doing the things that make us happiest, we are listening to the wisdom of our inner being, or the soul. Our inner self knows our deepest desires and what is best for us, even though we may not be consciously aware of this.

Sometimes ideas and thoughts need to be nurtured by the ebb and flow of life until they are ready to burst forth at the right time. As the amazing caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly, it goes through a period of inactivity. In actuality, much is happening within the security of the cocoon. As with us, a powerful transformation may go on inside us during a period of quiet time or relaxation.

I am feeling happy that I’ve chosen to write this post and not spent the time on Facebook or Twitter. This tells me I’m heading in the right direction because even though it’s sometimes difficult, I find that writing brings me satisfaction unlike any other. It teaches me more about myself that often others find interesting or helpful.

I hope that some of you will reflect a bit and not feel that your time has to be filled with meaningless activities that someone else tells you to do to achieve your goals. If the “someone else” is your boss, you might want to consider another line of work. If the goals you have in mind are right for you, you will enjoy the path that guides you there.

Keep in mind that what is right for another, may not be beneficial for you. If your life is not moving in the direction you would like, it could be time to re-evaluate your goals. Spend some quiet time at home or in nature thinking about what holds meaning for you in life, especially meaning that celebrates your uniqueness. There’s a place inside of you that has all the answers…you have only to tune into it.

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  1. You certainly flowed with these beautiful words in this post… Here’s to flowing with our own ideas and desires… always, Barbara

  2. Absolutely, here’s to flowing! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, Barbara!

  3. Anita Vleugels Anita Vleugels

    You describe so beautiful what I am feeling inside off me !!! I enjoyed so much your words !! At this moment in my life I am going through a period of searching myself and trying to find my inner self : I recognise so many things in your words!! Thank you!!! Anita ( Belgium )

    • Anita, I am delighted to hear from you and so happy that you have found meaning in my words. I wish you much success in your quest to understand your inner self better!

  4. Johan Sebrechts Johan Sebrechts

    Just listening to the music of our common idol Anna T. did let me flow a little bit already so many times! As was it only for a few minutes! :-DDD
    btw… You could not found a better picture to illustrate this beautiful post!!! Just perfect! 🙂

    • So nice of you to stop by, Jo. Yes, music is a good way to help us flow; I often do myself with our Anna and others. I’m happy that you liked the post! 🙂

  5. Joy Reichardt Joy Reichardt

    Excellent food for thought. The older I get, I appreciate the quietness surrounding me rather than the TV or radio chatter as when I was younger. To take the time to listen to ourselves does lead us to understand our journey and choose which path to continue for that inner peace and satisfaction. Priorities need to be reevaluated more often than I realized. Thanks, Shirley, for this reminder.

    • I’m happy that you found this post helpful, Joy. Thanks for stopping by.

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