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Photo Friday- God’s Artistry

These beautiful sunsets that I can view from my front porch are some of the best things about living in my neighborhood. Watching the sun sinking below the trees with a glass of wine in my hand is a great way to wind down from the day’s activities.

What do you see? I think I see an eagle.

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  1. Shirlee Ann Christopher Shirlee Ann Christopher

    Didn’t see Angels, felt them in the pic. 😊💙
    You do have a beautiful area for viewing masterpieces.

    • Yes, I’m sure there must have been angels there also. 🙂

  2. Josephine Josephine

    Hi Shirley,
    I loved this picture you posted it is so relaxing. Hope all is well in your area.
    Boy is it ever HOT in Florida. We are getting lots of rain too which we need.
    Take care, your old friend Jo

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jo. Glad you liked the photo! 🙂

  3. Beautiful picture Shirley – how lovely to see it from your own porch!

    • Thanks, Meg! Yes, it is a treat to be able see all that beauty right outside my front door!

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