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“Sorbello depicts one woman’s inspiring journey to love in this historical novella.

Set amid the heroism and hardship of the Old West, this work immerses readers in the life of Rebecca Adams, a young Pennsylvania woman who has dreams of living as a cowboy’s wife. Leaving behind the security of her old life, she travels to Texas in 1859, where she meets and marries the rugged John Coulter, a seemingly romantic man who initially appears to be the man of her dreams. However, the world in which he lives is rough, and so is he; he experienced a violent childhood himself, and he abuses Rebecca and their children. The darkness of John’s past ultimately overtakes him, and after a tragedy occurs, Rebecca finds solace in the company of a local minister. Throughout, she’s determined to take no moment with her family for granted; along the way, she finds strength in her faith, embraces her blessings, loves with her whole heart, and has a hopeful, courageous spirit. Sorbello’s novella is beautifully descriptive (“I remember the warmth of the sunlight on my face as I walked from the house on my proud father’s arm to stand among our parents and friends”) and full of emotion throughout. Fans of historical romance will find an immersive 19th-century landscape in this tightly written novella as well as a timeless message of resilience. The narrative gets started in earnest where many other works of romantic fiction end—with a woman’s marriage to a handsome cowboy—and serves to remind readers that they can define their own happy endings. Throughout, Sorbello’s protagonist finds strength amid adversity and not only demands to be loved on her own terms, but also succeeds. Christian readers, in particular, may be inspired by this tale. An often powerful Western tale that may touch readers’ hearts.” — Kirkus Reviews