About Me

Shirley Sorbello is an inspirational writer of fiction and non-fiction. Her debut novella, Where the Heart Goes, was released in November 2021.

“That’s Just the Way It Is” was her first self-published short story and was released in September 2013. This was followed by a stand-alone sequel entitled “Return to Texas” in March 2014. The following year, Shirley edited and published “Martha’s Words,” a short book of her grandmother’s poetry written around 1900. Her writings tend to reflect her background in psychology and her spiritual perspective on life.

For twenty-three years, Shirley was employed in the human services field as a social worker, therapist and administrator. She also worked for several years as a professional astrologer which included radio and TV segments. After almost ten years as a chocolate small business owner, she retired into the world of writing, something she had always wanted to pursue. In addition to writing, Shirley enjoys spending time with family and friends, music, traveling, genealogy, photography and chocolate.

Ms. Sorbello is a native of southern New Jersey. She majored in psychology at Rutgers University and later attended Widener University where she graduated with a master’s in social work in 1995.

At the present time she is working on a novel with a reincarnation theme entitled Trip to a Lifetime as well as a non-fiction book about soulmates.

She can be reached at spsorbello@gmail.com.