A Little of Cape May

“The Cove” in Cape May

Here’s a few photos of my favorite place in New Jersey – Cape May and it’s surrounding areas. Cape May is a unique Victorian beach town with lovely beaches, shops, fabulous restaurants and a rich history…even a slew of ghosts!

Hope you also have some fun summer plans!

Sunset Beach in Cape May Point

Washington Street Mall in Cape May

Cape May Lighthouse in Cape May Point State Park

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry seen from Sunset Beach in Cape May Point

Beach at “The Cove” in Cape May

St. Peter’s Beach in Cape May Point

Summer Beach Memories

On a day when the wind chill is in the 30’s, it warms me to think of summer memories at the Jersey shore and the peacefulness that I feel when I watch the waves. Hopefully, you will enjoy them too. 🙂

Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ
Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ
Sunset Beach, Cape May Point, NJ ( SS Atlantus wreckage)
Sunset Beach (Delaware Bay) on a windy day

Along the Delaware Bay

I love to stare at waves rolling onto a sandy beach. The motion and soft sounds usually lull me into a state of deep relaxation. Here are two videos I took earlier in June this year in the area of Cape May, NJ. Perhaps you’d like to share a peaceful moment with me now…

The above video was take at Sunset Beach in Cape May Point. If you look closely you will see a sunken concrete ship, the S.S. Atlantus, at the end of the video. You can read more about the ship HERE.

This video is taken at the more rural Higbee Beach in North Cape May. The morning was cloudy and windy, but the waves and slight howling of the wind still did the trick for me. Here is a LINK to the colorful history of this beach.

A few more looks at waves…

Sunset Beach
Higbee Beach
Higbee Beach