Liebster Blog Award

I recently was delighted to receive a message that my blog had been honored with a nomination for the Liebster Award from Sharla Shults @Catnipoflife . Sharla is an educator who writes poetry that shares beautiful thoughts and reflections about life. Please check out some of her inspirational writing at Catnipoflife. Many thanks to you, Sharla, for this award.

The following information about the Liebster Award is copied from Catnipoflife :

What is the Liebster Award?

“The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.”


There are certain rules one has to follow:

  1. If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
  3. Tag 11 more Bloggers.
  4. Tell the people you tagged that you did.
  5. No tagging back.
  6. The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.

11 Facts About  Me

  1. I’ve traveled through 49 out of the 50 United States.
  2. My favorite singer is Anna Tatangelo of Italy.
  3. King Edward I of England is my 22nd great-grandfather.
  4. I am an “only” child.
  5. I never ate chocolate until the age of four, but I’ve been making up for it ever since.
  6. I love the ocean, mountains and woods; it’s where I feel closest to God and the universe.
  7. My favorite place in the world is Isola Bella, an island in Lake Maggiore, near Stressa, Italy.
  8. My favorite pet was the family dog, Wally, a Maltese, who despite numerous medical problems lived to be 13 years old.
  9. I collect cobalt blue glass.
  10. I’m a perfectionist, although, fortunately for myself and others, not quite as much as when I was younger.
  11. One of the best experiences in my life was a sunset cruise in the Bahamas on a ship with tall sails.

Answers to Catnipoflife’s Questions

1] ‘Checkered blue n white’ or ‘black’?

If I’m wearing it, ‘black’; otherwise, ‘checkered blue ‘n white’ such as for curtains, small checks, preferably.

2] Curtains or no curtains?

Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, interior shutters, mixed with curtains

3] Hardcover, paperback or ebooks?

I purchase a lot of ebooks as they save space and money, but I still like the feel and appearance of a hardcover book.

4] What’s your ambiance while writing?

Nothing fancy at this point – silence in my office at my desktop, or in the living room with my laptop and the low voices from the TV in the background. Glances out the windows to the trees outside from both places inspire me.  I love to write in nature, by the Delaware River or on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean but don’t often have the opportunity.

5] Do you plan to publish a novel?

Yes, at least one.  I never thought I would do it because I enjoy shorter pieces, but since I have found myself  in the midst of writing one now, I will complete and publish it, one way or another!

6] Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or do you rather buy?

I like to make gifts and have done so in the past, but I no longer have the time.

7] Which is the most beautiful color according to you?

Blue, all shades, but especially cobalt blue.

8] What’s your mantra in life?

“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3

9] Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?

No, but I have the utmost respect for the military.

10] Do you have stage fear?

A little

11] ‘Mickey mouse/ Aladdin/Duck Tales’ or ‘ Shin Chan/ Doraemon/ Kitretsu’?

“Mickey Mouse/Aladdin/Duck Tales”

My Questions for My Nominees:

  1.     What is your favorite childhood memory?
  2.     What is your favorite color?
  3.     What is your favorite place on Earth?
  4.     What has been your proudest moment?
  5.     What makes you happiest?
  6.     What are you afraid to do?
  7.     What do you want the world to remember most about you?
  8.     Why do you write and/or blog?
  9.     What famous person do you admire the most?   
  10.     What is you favorite kind of music?
  11.     What do you know for sure?


Congratulations to my nominees who are:

Michael Stephen Daigle

Valerie Davies

Fanny Mandik

Jeanette Andersen

Jacob Hopkins

Matt DeVirgiliis

James M. Davis

Candace Knoebel

Brice Maiurro

Adam Ford

Christa A. Lamb