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What Is Retrograde Mercury?

It’s the uh-oh time of the year, astrologically speaking that is. Three or four times every year the planet Mercury slows down in its journey around the Sun and appears from the Earth to be moving backward. Actually, it still is moving forward, but this three-week change in motion can create a bit of havoc with life on Earth.

Mercury rules mental processes and communications. You may find that appointments get cancelled at the last minute or you forget that you have one. Letters may get lost in the mail or you may finally receive one that was mailed to you three months ago. Cars and other equipment break down more easily or old problems may resurface.

The bottom line is that things are more likely to go wrong or get confused. Naturally, life goes on and you can’t avoid living through these aggravating periods. However, if you can, avoid planning a trip because something may come up that prevents you from taking it. Try not to buy anything new, especially a car, because the odds are increased that you will later regret your purchase. Don’t sign a contract, but if you must, make sure you or your attorney examine it thoroughly.

On the positive side, it is a great time to finish up something from the past. Clean out that closet you dug into a while back or finish writing those letters or emails you left uncompleted. It’s fun when you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while or when an old friend contacts you to get together. It’s also a favorable time for writers because the mental processes are affected in a way that enhances creativity.

We are currently in one of these retrograde Mercury periods. The good news is that it’s over on November 10, 2013. Periods to watch out for during 2014 are: February 6-28, June 7-July 2, and October 4-25.

For a number of years, I worked as a professional astrologer. Although I encountered some persons who were skeptical, once they began following these cycles of Mercury, there were few left to deny the mischievous effects of retrograde Mercury.

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  1. I would not, could not, argue this a bit. This year has proven it…(!) And . How .

  2. Josephine Hayden Josephine Hayden

    Thanks Shirley this is great. I forwarded to some  friends & family. Take care. Jo


  3. I’d blame everything on Mercury going retrograde, but the list of “symptoms” sound a lot like living here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 😉 On a serious note, I’m glad it will be over soon as I’ve certainly been feeling it.

    • Moving into a new place and doing renovations is never easy even under the best of circumstances, but here’s hoping things begin to go a little more smoothly for you in the next couple of months! 🙂

  4. There isn’t room in my worldview to read and predict from the world of stars but Christians close themselves off to the amazing designs of the world that affect us assuredly with its energy and power. Cool post. =)

    • There is no denying the energies in God’s amazing design. Predictions based upon them are definitely more questionable. 🙂

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