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Photo Friday – First Day Out of the Nest

I was delighted to find two baby robins in my front yard earlier this week. I watched as the mother hunted worms while the father kept an eye on the family. One baby hopped around a little, and the other one sat waiting for food about fifteen feet away. I had suspected there was a nest in my yard for the past few weeks as frequently robins sat out front just looking around. They did a good job at hiding it because I never saw it when I was gardening.

Baby Robin
Baby Robin
Off to Find Another Worm
Off to Find Another Worm
Mother Hunting
Mother Hunting
Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby

Sad note: before this post was completed, my daughter saw a crow swoop down, grab one of the babies and fly off as the parents frantically followed him to a high tree across the street. I ran out to the front porch, and in a couple of minutes the robins returned squawking. I didn’t see the other baby. Soon the mother began looking for worms and suddenly flew over to the edge of my patch of lilies of the valley. Much to my relief, she dropped a worm into a little mouth. I didn’t know how or when the other baby was moved to this location, but it was an excellent spot to hide her treasure. I only hoped that the crow wouldn’t come back and watch what she was doing.

Lilies of the Valley
Lilies of the Valley
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  1. Dee Dee

    Sometimes life is great, but you never know when a crow is going to swoop you up and eat you. SMH

    So you need to enjoy the moment! It’s all that’s promised you.

    • I totally agree, Dee! The present moment is all we have; make the most of it!

  2. Josephine Hayden Josephine Hayden

    That must have been awful to watch. We have that problem here. Every spring we get some babies of some sort out front.

    The parents won’t let anyone go near our gardenia bush to cut the flowers off because they think we are going to hurt

    the little ones. They really do protect their young ones.

    Take care. Jo

    • It was horrifying to me, and I couldn’t help but wonder what the parents were feeling. I imagine that living outside they are accustomed to more drama like this than we are, but still, it had to be upsetting to them.

      Thanks for your comment, Jo!

  3. Oh wow, the drama you observed! I was moved by Momma’s care…

    • This was the first time I had ever observed a mother bird feeding her young. She would take two or three worms to one and then go to the to other baby and do the same. It was heart-warming to watch.

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      • Even the birds do that. Can’t wrap my brain around women who abandon their own.

  4. These are the sweetest pictures Shirley – so cheerful!

    • Thanks, Meg. I’m happy that you liked them. The “Mother and Baby” one is my favorite.

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