Those Rainy Days



On a dark, dreary day I am finding myself more focused than usual. Obviously for me, it’s a good time to concentrate on writing something, anything, and to tell my inner critic to step aside.

How do you feel about cold, rainy days? Perhaps if you are a writer, you love them for their creative potential. To me, there is something soothing and nurturing about them as if Mother Nature is bathing the world with a comforting blessing. I find myself being introspective and more in touch with my feelings than usual.

If you go to work or school, you may hate going out in them like I used to. It’s particularly uncomfortable getting wet when it’s cold. Maybe you like school or your job so much, that it doesn’t matter? That’s truly a gift when you do, not to mention a plus for your physical and mental health.

Maybe you like to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head? Listening to Karen Carpenter sing “Rainy Days and Mondays”  goes well with that. What a loss to the world that great voice was.

This is the first of a number of  brief, light topics I will be throwing out for discussion. I haven’t felt as connected to my blog in the last year as I did earlier on; I’m changing that by taking time to listen to the ideas that float through my mind and not being so quick to dismiss them. I hope you’ll join in.

So, I’d truly like to know how you feel about dark, cold rainy days. What’s you favorite thing to do when you have a choice?




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12 thoughts on “Those Rainy Days

  1. Shirley,

    I feel for you, willing to tradewwb the Michigan snow fresh from the snow belt, have as much as you want. Rain, would love rain, easier to shovel.😉 Rainy days brought joy when I was in middle school. Back in the dark ages, half a day was given and school let out at1pm. The joys as an adult differ greatly, parents or neighborhood children would knock on your door wanting to make a few dollars. It seems children into young adulthood have no sense of responsibility or respect for that matter. Emotionally charged on the subject matter, stopping plus I have about two hours of shoveling ahead of me. Guess, it is what I get for my elbow bending more than it should have.I have gained ten pounds since Thanksgiving. Looking more like a weebel than a human at present, shoveling will keep me trim, unless I stop for cookies and milk.💙

  2. I like to spend those kinds of days in studio working on my art or sometimes watching movies. I didn’t mind it so much when it was snow, but last spring we moved to a lake. I think we actually moved to the rain forest. Winter is a lot of cold, gloomy, dreary days with rain, but more often a heavy mist. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but I could go for a bit more sunshine right now:)

  3. One reason we moved to Florida was to have fewer such days as both I and hubs don’t handle long stretches of those very well 🙂 Today was rainy and cloudy though but that never lasts too long here.

  4. I fled the east coast rain. =) But yes, I always look for the redeeming value in every grey thing. Rain does help us cozy up with our thoughts, doesn’t it? Happy blogging this year, S.


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