In the Silence

I’ve been quiet for a while as far as blogging or any type of writing goes. While I have been dedicating some of my time to genealogy and home improvement projects, as well as life in general, there have been serious moments of reflection about my writing.

Rebecca, the protagonist from my first two short stories, “That’s Just the Way It Is” and “Return to Texas” has become very vocal (to me, at least) about the fact that her story is not complete and asked me to please allow her to finish it. All too ready to put aside the novel I’ve been working on for a few years, probably because I know it needs the dreaded major revision, I have agreed.

The new short story will be called, “Last Breath.” Parts of it are written, and I am in the process of doing the cover. Although I dislike boxing myself in, I will say that it should be available by May. While writing this story, I am doing more historical research about the time period of this piece (1884-1891 in Texas) and the impact it has on the storyline.

In addition, I have decided to do a novelette where I will be expanding these three stories, and including some historical influences especially the Civil War. Much more will be revealed about Rebecca’s early life in Philadelphia before she and her parents moved to Texas right before the War. At this point, I haven’t decided whether this additional project will be completed before or after my novel.

While it’s nice to see your words in print, it must be even nicer to hold them in your hands, which aside from the noise from Becky, is motivating me to put these stories into a “real” book.  Perhaps I could even stretch it out to a novella. I’ll probably let her decide.

I welcome any comments or ideas, especially from those of you who have read my first two stories. For my fellow writers, how’s your writing life going? What’s new? What’s flowing, or not? It’s time to make a little noise on this blog!

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10 thoughts on “In the Silence

  1. Good to see you back, Shirley. 🙂 I have not read your short stories yet, but have them on my Amazon list to add to my tablet (now that I finally have an e-reader!). I’ll be taking care of that soon, and look forward to reading them.

    Hope all is well. Life is flowing here, and I’ve been writing but keep getting distracted by other projects (a book for my father with photographs and Bible verses that he picked out which has been time consuming, the blog, writing some bad poetry I’ve been indulging myself in because it’s fun, etc.).

    • Hi Robin- I was thinking of you earlier today as I changed my desktop photo from the fall scene of your woods to a spring/summer theme.

      It’s good to know I’m not the only one whose writing gets pushed aside because of other projects. I’ll be looking forward to any input you may have regarding the third story after you read my first two stories! After all, you’re probably the most well-read person I know although when I think of that, it’s a little intimidating! 🙂

      Writing bad poetry sounds like fun. I think it’s good to indulge our fun creative side even if it’s not always in line with what we think we should be doing.

      Good to hear from you! Hope life keeps flowing for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Shirley, I’ve never read your stories because I do not have a Kindel. I still read my books the old fashioned way–with it in my hands. I would imagine they are very good (just because I know how you are). If they ever get in print, I would love to read them. There is always a book of some sort in my hands, except when I am crocheting or quilting. Glad all is going well for you. Love, Sue

    • Hi Sue, it’s good to hear from you! You’ve given me one more reason to make sure my stories do come out in physical form. Kindles are great but they do leave something to be desired, and I can’t and don’t want to read everything on a Kindle. They save on book storage and money which is why I first bought one, but they lend themselves to more superficial reading and can be hard on the eyes. It’s much easier to really get into a book when holding it in your hands.

      Hope all is well with you! Love, Shirley

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