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Waiting for Twilight

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that one of my favorite local places is Riverwinds, in West Deptford, NJ. It’s a place where I go to relax, think and renew my spirit as I stare at the Delaware River flowing by.

Across the river is the busy Philadelphia airport, far enough away that only occasionally are my thoughts interrupted by the sounds of a jet engine.  In the last photo,  the warm glow of sunset has faded, and night is descending on the city of Philadelphia as the lights begin to come on.

It’s important to have a go-to place when we need a little clarity in our lives. There’s nothing like sitting by the water to give life a little perspective (for me at least).














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  1. Shirlee Ann Christopher Shirlee Ann Christopher

    Beautiful pics, I agree, having a quiet, pleasant place to clear your thoughts , energize your spirit refocus is important. It appears a lively place to accomplish it.😊💕

    • The contrast between busyness on the Philadelphia side and the peaceful West Deptford side allows you to view the craziness of the world while feeling safe and secure. Thanks for your comment, Shirlee!

  2. Wonderful views! Little did I know how beautiful it could be seen from the other side of the river. I have often departed from and landed to that airport, latest last month. And I agree that we all need a place like that to gather our thoughts.

    • Thanks, Tiny! Yes, it’s very different still on the NJ side although “progress” is always threatening to destroy the peacefulness.

  3. Lovely photos. I hope you are well, Shirley. Happy Thanksgiving.


    • Thank you D. I hope your Thanksgiving was very nice. My writing has had to take a back seat for the last few months due to family issues. Hoping to get back to it in a couple of months.

      • The computer will still be there when you return. Hope things resolve. And thank you, we enjoyed a wonderful Thgv.


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