Friday’s Photos – Isola Bella

Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore, Italy Copyright Shirley Sorbello 2006

Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore, Italy
Copyright Shirley Sorbello 2006

My favorite place on earth is the island of Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore, near Stresa, Italy. I wrote about it HERE on this blog a couple of years ago. The gardens are lovely, and the beauty of the mountain views is undeniable.

Isola Bella Copyright Shirley Sorbello 2007

View from Isola Bella
Copyright Shirley Sorbello 2007

However, it’s more than beauty that draws me here…it’s the way it makes me feel when I’m there—joyful, loving, peaceful—a place that brings me contentment unlike anywhere else on earth.

What about you? Do you have a place nearby or at a distance that calls to you to visit because it makes you happy and stress-free to be there?

Soul-Filled Moments

We came here to connect with, not disconnect from, our true selves. For some of us, this takes a lifetime; others seem to be born with a knowing that we are more than our physical body. Sadly, there are those who barely connect and continue to live a life of quiet desperation, with an empty feeling they try unsuccessfully to fill. Others never connect at all until they die and reunite with their true higher self.

Some of us feel our soul in the whispers of the wind; others in the crashing of the sea upon the jagged rocks. It might be heard in the spring song of a robin or seen in your baby’s first smile. It is that feeling of joy and infinite peace that you experience when you hook up with all that you are – the part of you that never dies but lives through all eternity. How do you connect? What is it you do when you lose yourself completely and time no longer exists?

When you take the time on a regular basis to experience soul-filled moments such as losing yourself in a hobby you adore or quiet moments of meditation, you will find it easier to keep your life in perspective. You will tend to detach, not escape in addictive behaviors, from the pain or complexity of your existence. You will be able to see through more neutral eyes as your ego-driven personality relinquishes control, and you become capable of seeing who you really are, in love and light. Not only will your health improve, but you will feel at peace as you see the wholeness and magnificence of this unique, loving being you were created to be. Nothing will seem impossible to you then. All problems are solvable, and they no longer even matter. Isn’t that a good place to be?

Follow Your Bliss


Wine and ChocolateFollow your bliss…it’s a saying that is heard frequently.  What does bliss mean exactly?  I signed on to the internet to take a peek and found a general consensus among links that it is an “extreme state of happiness,” if nothing else.  Sound’s good doesn’t it?

What does it mean to you?  What makes you extremely happy, or even just happy? Of course, it’s different for each of us.  Start small if you’re having trouble.  Perhaps it’s eating some chocolate or a tasty piece of filet mignon.  I’m in for both of those.  Keep adding until you have a happiness checklist.  It could be spending time with friends or that special someone.  Maybe it’s a hobby that you get so lost in that you lose track of time.  It’s wonderful if  your profession is blissful, and you are doing what you love everyday at work.

So how do you follow your bliss? If you’re doing it, you already know.  Your days are filled with moments of joy and deep satisfaction. If you’re still working on it, then keep the checklist handy and begin to integrate more of these happy options into your daily routine.  I also use the “follow your bliss” concept when it comes to making simple choices like which housekeeping chore to do first.  If I do first, the one I dislike the least, I find the rest of them go easier and faster.  Of course, use it when making a big choice like selecting which house to buy.  Choose the one that makes you smile and sings to your heart, assuming you can afford it, of course, or it won’t be a blissful choice for long.

I’m for bringing more blissful moments into each of our lives, week by week, day by day, moment by moment, until “following your bliss” becomes a wonderful habit.  How about you?