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Wine and ChocolateFollow your bliss…it’s a saying that is heard frequently.  What does bliss mean exactly?  I signed on to the internet to take a peek and found a general consensus among links that it is an “extreme state of happiness,” if nothing else.  Sound’s good doesn’t it?

What does it mean to you?  What makes you extremely happy, or even just happy? Of course, it’s different for each of us.  Start small if you’re having trouble.  Perhaps it’s eating some chocolate or a tasty piece of filet mignon.  I’m in for both of those.  Keep adding until you have a happiness checklist.  It could be spending time with friends or that special someone.  Maybe it’s a hobby that you get so lost in that you lose track of time.  It’s wonderful if  your profession is blissful, and you are doing what you love everyday at work.

So how do you follow your bliss? If you’re doing it, you already know.  Your days are filled with moments of joy and deep satisfaction. If you’re still working on it, then keep the checklist handy and begin to integrate more of these happy options into your daily routine.  I also use the “follow your bliss” concept when it comes to making simple choices like which housekeeping chore to do first.  If I do first, the one I dislike the least, I find the rest of them go easier and faster.  Of course, use it when making a big choice like selecting which house to buy.  Choose the one that makes you smile and sings to your heart, assuming you can afford it, of course, or it won’t be a blissful choice for long.

I’m for bringing more blissful moments into each of our lives, week by week, day by day, moment by moment, until “following your bliss” becomes a wonderful habit.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss

  1. Hi Shirley,

    The bliss… ( in dutch: ” de gelukzaligheid ” ) It’s such a beautiful word: somehow it sounds like what it means! 🙂
    Anita and I talked a lot these days about the meaning of the word! What could we do or change in our lives to better ‘follow the bliss’? Not easy! As you said: each choice has to remain a blissful choice for long ….
    I think from now on everytime we take some decision to ‘ follow our bliss ‘ we will remember you and this little beautiful piece of text! 🙂



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