Backward and Forward

As my writer’s journey continues, I look back on the year that’s passed as well as at my goals for 2013.

Last year, I discovered that I enjoy writing fiction more than I ever imagined. It’s fun to see additional characters appear in my stories where none were intended and how they take on their own personalities. I also love seeing where the story line takes me. Who the heck is writing my work? At times, it doesn’t even seem like I’m in control.

I’ve found that my simple writing style which I often thought lacked descriptiveness fits better with the clear, crisp and concise writing styles that seem to be encouraged now. I keep reading that with today’s busy lifestyle, many people want simple, readable material that will not lose them in endless description. I assure you that my novels or short stories will not do that, but neither will my writing quality diminish in favor of quantity. That’s a promise!

I know now that I should write when my inner muse speaks to me, rather than on a set time schedule. I don’t want my creativity to seem like “work.” My writing flows when it is gently allowed to emerge and not forced. Putting myself in inspirational settings like nature, a quiet environment or even watching Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday,” are some of the best ways for me to coax it out.

I’ve learned that it is difficult to attract the attention of a publisher even with a polished, marketable article without a resume of previous publications, despite my education. In particular, it is more difficult when you are writing about “touchy” subjects like cancer. For that reason, my blog will most likely benefit from articles or short pieces that I would have liked to publish in a magazine. At my age, I don’t have the time or the patience to play waiting games of silence. I want to spend my time writing.

So as we enter February (is it already?) and look at the year ahead, I see myself soon self-publishing my first short story, entitled “That’s Just the Way It Is.” This will be a new adventure for me into the mechanics of the self-publishing process. I am planning to use Smashwords which I hope to find user-friendly. After this, I will return full steam ahead to the first draft of my novel which is about three-quarters completed. I see several rewrites ahead of me particularly because I began the book three years ago. Since then, my writing skills have advanced and as often happens, the work has taken on a life of its own necessitating some changes in the earlier parts. I would be thrilled to have a polished final draft completed by the end of the year. Finally, I look forward to continuing my blog with articles and tidbits to entertain my current readers and entice new followers as well. As always, I thank you all for being there with me on my journey.

So, for those of you who are writers (and that includes bloggers), how has the past year influenced your writing goals for 2013?

4 thoughts on “Backward and Forward

  1. The only thing at the moment I can say is, that I had never expected finding not only “followers” on my blog but “friends”… even if I scream for help, voting for me and similar, all are there to support. This is so unbelievable it nearly makes me cry! I’m so thankful!!

  2. This last year has been very good to me as far as getting published.
    I also agree with Raani and Shirley about the support received on this blog. Totally heartwarming!!!

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