“That’s Just the Way It Is” – Now Available

My first short story, “That’s Just the Way It Is,” has now been published on Amazon.com as a e-book. It should also be available in some countries other than the United States. This is a mini-milestone in my writing career, one that I’m pleased to have reached. Thanks so very much to all of you who have been supporting and encouraging me for the past 20 months, which is when this journey first began.

It is a 3800-word story of love, violence and clash of values with a spiritual twist. It begins:

“It comes to me now in flashes—pieces of memories from a past lifetime that creep into my consciousness. I see myself staring at a weathered barn through a kitchen window. Calico curtains blow wildly in the dry, dusty wind, dancing to the familiar hum of cows mooing in the distance. Warm air whips across my face, entering the house like a welcomed visitor on an unbearably hot Texas day in the 1870’s. I’m Becky, married with four children, to a man I both love and hate.”

I hope that many of you will enjoy it!

9 thoughts on ““That’s Just the Way It Is” – Now Available

  1. Ma come sei brava! Incredibile! Da ora in poi sei veramente una scrittrice! Sono contento per te! Davvero!
    Peccato … l’ inglese non è la mia passione e non è il mio forte! Ma se l’ avessi scritto in italiano il tuo libro, lo comprerei di sicuro!

    • Grazie, Johan. I appreciate your comment very much! I doubt if I will ever be able to publish anything in Italian, However, if I could write in Italian as well as you write in English, I would be more than happy!!

  2. Okay… here we go: first I spread out word – all over the place 🙂
    And second: I bought the book right away!!
    Good Luck with it, Shirley!!

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