“Get Read” Conference

Getting read is the goal of every writer. I’ve learned about building a platform, collecting followers on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other social media. Does that translate into book sales? I’m not so sure, but I’m hoping that the interactive, online conference, “Get Read” to be held on November 13th and 14th will enlighten me further. I thought that some of you who are writers may also be interested. There will be numerous speakers- authors, booksellers, agents, journalists, librarians and more, all willing to share their experience and answer questions. Check it out!

4 thoughts on ““Get Read” Conference

  1. Writing for expression is my goal, NOT being read, though if another human can identify with me, or feel a passion after reading me, that is excellent too!

    • For me, writing is for expression, too, but I also want to help and inspire others. If I put a lot of work into publishing something, being read is encouraging me to continue to share it; otherwise I would probably just write in a diary.
      I appreciate your comment.

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