A Fall Escape

Last week, I was back on the road for a trip to Virginia—one last getaway before winter sets in.

On the way, I stopped in Maryland on a lovely, warm day to visit fellow blogger, Robin, who was kind enough to invite me to her home for lunch. We talked as if we had know each other for years; it’s nice to discover that real friendships can develop over the internet.

Walking through the woods with Robin.
Walking through the woods with Robin.

My destination was Virginia Beach, VA where I attended a three-day conference, “Life Beyond Death,” at Edgar Casey’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. Two of the psychic speakers, Lisa Williams and John J. Oliver, were especially awesome.

Association for Research and Enlightenment
Association for Research and Enlightenment

When I arrived at the hotel, this lovely view of a rainbow, or two, welcomed me. I grabbed this photo with my cell phone as I hadn’t brought my camera to the room.

Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach, VA

Next morning, this was the view of the sunrise from my hotel window. The weather turned rainy and cooler after this.

Sunrise on Virginia Beach
Sunrise on Virginia Beach

The day I left, I stopped by Chincoteague Island, VA to see the wild ponies. None seemed to be on the beach.

Chincoteague Island
Chincoteague Island

Finally, I found some at quite a distance (my camera was zoomed to the max), maybe half a mile away.

Ponies on Chincoteague Island.
Ponies on Chincoteague Island.

At the end of my journey, I stopped by Rehoboth Beach in Delaware on a very blustery day.

Rehoboth Beach
Rehoboth Beach

I find that it’s always good to get away, but just as nice to return home with an updated perspective on life. I leave you with the words of Lin Yutang ~ “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”


  1. Look at those rainbows! What a beautiful view to greet you. It’s hard to believe that’s a cell phone picture. It’s great. I’m glad you had a good trip, and it’s good to see you blogging again. 🙂

    • Meant to add that it is wonderful to see my woods through your eyes. I’m used to my own perspectives on it so it’s good to see it from another.

    • Yes, the rainbows were very welcoming. Actually, I didn’t realize there was a second one until I downloaded the photo onto my computer. Nice surprise!

      Your woods are beautiful!

  2. Shirley the pictures were so beautiful. especially the double rainbows.
    Thank you for sharing all of them with us. Would be interested in hearing more about the
    enlightenment seminar when you have time.
    Hope you & the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Miss you, Jo

  3. How awesome! I’m familiar with Edgar Casey’s works from years back. And your photos are from familiar places too as I used to live in Maryland for 16 years and visited those beaches quite often. Thanks for sharing, Shirley!

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