Why Does It Matter?

Many people worldwide believe in reincarnation, the idea that the soul survives physical death and returns to another physical body. For those who believe in the immortality of the soul, the idea of returning as another physical being can be quite intriguing and enlightening. It offers a broader perspective of the present, and comforting thoughts around the issue of death.

It is said by many that we return again and again to experience the learning that is necessary for our soul’s growth. Prior to each incarnation we¬†select lessons to work on so that we can evolve to a higher spiritual level. Our goal is to reach the highest vibrational level, that of the God source.

It is thought that we choose our parents and our significant others for a particular lifetime, whether they be friends, lovers, life partners, siblings, etc. These are the players joining with us in the drama of our new life. It is with these souls, some of whom reincarnate with us again and again, that we have our most intense interactions and learning opportunities for soul growth. They are our greatest loves, our deepest connections, and our most painfully conflicted relationships. They are our teachers, and we are theirs.

A reincarnation perspective can enrich your life. It explains many of your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, the places you love to travel to or dream about. The soul remembers; it still feels the memories of those past lifetimes. They are expressed through the emotions…the feelings you cannot logically explain away and those that consistently intrude on your most private moments.

Embracing reincarnation as part of your belief system can be the means to healing any present life difficulties. Understanding gained through past life regression and knowledge can be a framework for healing both mental health issues and physical conditions.

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