My Other

Sometimes it’s hard to get in touch with our true essence…

I’ve searched for you all my life.

I saw your reflection in others whom I loved.

I reached out for you, but they weren’t you.

They were just reflections, passing glimpses of your essence, which left me feeling empty inside and alone.

I was, as an unrequited lover, inconsolable at times, and so lonely without a knowing of you in my life.

I felt you coming closer.

Now, I realize you are here.

You send me gentle waves of comfort and reassurance from somewhere deep inside my heart that radiate throughout my physical being.

I embrace the messages of your comforting warmth, your peaceful reassurance, your eternal love, as none other.

Come closer my eternal spirit, lets play together here and now as we become reacquainted.

As each day goes by, I know we’ll take more and more delight in our existence.

Together we are free, we are love, we are gentle, we are powerful; we are everything, and so will my life be, here and now.

You are perfect, as I now realize I am; no one knows the perfection of our soul better than we do.

No one else understands who we really are, nor do they have to; our knowing is enough.

You were always here, always with me.

I had only to stop looking outside of myself to find the dearest part of me, tucked deeply inside.

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