Some Things I Wish I’d Known

Sixty plus years into my life, I can now look back and realize there are certain things I wish I’d been aware of earlier.

For example, I know now that everyone does not see the world in the same way. Each person has their own filter—a combination of genetics and life experiences—that they view the world through. If you respect their differences as you do your own, your life will have fewer, futile conflicts.

Don’t get into a relationship expecting to change the other person to live up to your dreams. The best thing you can do for another is accept them just the way they are and support them in being the best person they can be. If you can’t accept them with all their perceived imperfections, get out of the relationship. It takes a lot for someone to change. More importantly, the person has to see the need and have the desire to do so. Most people don’t.

The best thing you can do for yourself and others is to learn to accept and love yourself. Do it in a way that celebrates your uniqueness, not in a superior way, but in a manner that respects others’ differences as equal to your own. If you can do this, others will never see you as “needy,” nor will you cling to a relationship that is not in your best interests. This usually takes a bit of time; some people never get to this point. It begins by realizing that you are perfect just the way you are. You don’t need anyone else to validate that.

Hang with people who uplift and support you. Let go of those who drag you down on a regular basis. Life is too short to spend time with those who drain your energy.

Don’t be too quick to judge. There is no way to know what someone is going through in their life. Appearances can be deceiving, and assumptions can lead you down the wrong pathway.

It’s okay if a relationship doesn’t last. I’ve come to view them as learning experiences, the toughest ones, in fact. Many teachers pass through our lives. When the lesson is learned, the teacher moves on. Be thankful for the time you had with someone you loved; breathe a sigh of relief when the person you didn’t get along with is no longer there.

Lastly, the most important one: it’s really okay if it rains on your birthday. Life is not perfect, but it does provide wonderful opportunities for growth. Put up your umbrella and make it the best day possible, always.

20 thoughts on “Some Things I Wish I’d Known

  1. Very interesting again your blogpost! And I’m glad you didn’t forget to mention: “Don’t be too quick to judge” Very important! Because who is judging quickly will easily and often have a false idea!

  2. Wonderful advice, Shirley. These are things I wish I’d learned when I was younger, but I suspect they only come with age (except for those “old souls” who seem to be born knowing all the good stuff).

  3. Always enjoy what you have to say. It is very appropriate for me to hear after what I was being taught today.

    Thank you as always.
    Love you

  4. I really, really Wish I knew some things ahead too! Sure would have saved me a lot Poor Choices!…LOL.. I truly feel our path given to us by Our Lord, good or bad is meant to learn much and help others along the way. Boy have I learned. 🙂 Great Post Shirley! *Catherine* 🙂

    • Thanks, Catherine! I appreciate your comment and agree we are here to learn from our choices and experiences, as well as to help out others as we go through life. 🙂

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