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The Human Heart

I was recently going through some old boxes and came across a few poems that I wrote over thirty years ago. This is my favorite; I hope you like it, too.

The heart hears loudly, voices softly spoken.

It cries the tears of today’s tragedy;

It smiles with tomorrow’s hidden hopes.

The heart sees clearly, visions scarcely conceived.

It fears the hurt that strikes its core;

It loves what it dares to embrace.

The heart speaks strongly, words hardly heard.

It argues against logic’s best reasoning;

It trusts in no wisdom but its own.

October, 1984

Photo Credit: Copyright: katjagerasimova / 123RF Stock Photo

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  1. Josephine Hayden Josephine Hayden

    Beautiful. Thank you Shirley. Lv Jo

  2. Kaz Kaz

    so much truth in so artistic words love it

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